Quality Assurance

To ensure we are consistently delivering the highest quality of service any billing company can offer, we perform random audits in each department. Continuous review of protocols and procedures in credentialing, coding, data entry, customer service, and accounts receivable ensure the service you receive is superior. Directors also perform random audits on supervisors’ QA audits. At Sierra Financial Services we firmly believe in checks and balances.



Training programs keep us current with the fast paced and ever-changing healthcare regulatory environment. All employees receive regular training sessions from senior management to keep them informed of the most recent regulatory changes. These sessions are held on regular basis.

Practice Managers

Our Practice Managers attend yearly conferences and workshops as well as courses to maintain or obtain a status of Certified Medical Practice Executive.

Credentialing Personnel

Credentialing Management hold The Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist status and maintain their certification by completing required course work to stay up to date on new regulations.

Accounts Receivable Personnel

Tenured Medical Billers go through training and must maintain their Certified Professional Biller status. They take courses and classes to keep up to date on the latest changes in the medical billing field.

Coding Personnel

Our Certified Coders must complete 18 hours of coding and/or compliance education each year to maintain their American Academy of Professional Coders Certification. All coders are required to hold a certification while at Sierra Financial Services.

Administrative Personnel

Administrative personnel attend regular workshops, webinars, and complete courses, whether it is front office training, customer service best practices, staying up to date with HIPAA compliance, or just learning new tricks of the trade with Microsoft products.



Sierra Financial Services is HIPAA compliant and our staff receives comprehensive and routine training. Our HIPAA trained Privacy Officer advises our staff and consults with our clients when issues arise regarding HIPAA. We have conducted staff training in-house, as well as HIPAA training for many of our clients to educate their staff about the far-reaching consequences of HIPAA, and what regulations are to be published in the future that will affect the healthcare industry as well.


Sierra Financial Services requires that the highest level of confidentiality be maintained in areas of client and corporate information, patient records, and personnel files. In order to accomplish this goal, procedures exist to ensure proper handling of sensitive information, as well as non-dissemination to those who are not required to receive it. These policies are consistent with all relevant state, federal and local laws.

Each member of our staff receives Sierra Financial Services’ Standards of Conduct and Compliance Guidelines when they are hired by Sierra Financial Services. This lengthy handbook details all of the information our employees are required to know before they are hired. Each employee is required to sign this handbook as well as an extensive confidentiality agreement that has been drafted in compliance with HIPAA. Should it be determined that patient or client confidentiality is breached by any employee, it is considered grounds for termination.

Standards of Conduct

Sierra Financial Services Standards of Conduct and Compliance Guidelines ensure proper document handling. Operational procedures exist to ensure that once confidential material is no longer required for the ongoing operation of Sierra Financial Services, it will be maintained to the extent required by law and subsequently disposed of in a manner that will not compromise its confidentiality.

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